Rashod Underwood is a

Licensed Financial Professional

that is here to help create

a strategy for eliminating financial risk

and to build wealth over the long term

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Long Term Mindset

Are you prepared or thinking about retirement?

Set Your Children Up For Success

Many do not come from wealthy backgrounds, but what many people do not know is the wealthiest people use life insurance to accumulate money fast

Diversify Your Portfolio

There are various ways to invest your money

Minimize Taxes

When saving, you want to be sure to consider the effect that taxes

can have on your income

 Rashod is focused on you and your needs, goals, and objectives. He strives to help individuals, families, and businesses create a sound strategy for the future focused on reducing debt, saving money, protecting those things that are most valuable to you, and helping entrepreneurs reach their dreams

Lets Work Smarter Not Harder

What we dont know can hurt us in the long run especially with our finances.

Not everyone is comfortable talking about it. Main reason why is because many are unaware and only know what  they hear friends and associates say.

Wouldn’t you like to know for yourself?

Financial Overview

We start with finding out what your financial goals are.

We will break down your financials to gain an

understanding and create our plan to work on those goals

Financial Projection

We structure a financial projection for you goals and

follow through with our next steps


We are not done. Next we will set up future coaching call to align  

your future goals whether personal or business

Solution Options

With all of the information we have now its time to

show you the solutions for your goals


Now that you are equipped with all of this new knowledge and awareness…

Who do you know that we can help?


Cash Flow

Earn additional income and Manage expenses

Proper Protection

Protect against loss of income Protect family assets

Emergency Funds

Save 3-6 months’ income

Prepare for unexpected expenses

Build Wealth

Strive to outpace inflation & reduce taxes

Debt Management

Consolidate debt Strive to eliminate debt

Preserve Wealth

Reduce taxation. Build a

family legacy

Financial Services